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my love...
I'm missing you
A lot…
With a broken heart
And wet eyes…
Please do come back to me…..
You know I'll always be waiting for you...
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 9 4
We are strong people
We have to be to survive one more day
We cry in the darkness, in a corner or deep inside ourselves.
We cry where no one can see how damaged or fragile we truly are.
We are strong until the smallest realization shatters us
and the tears won't stop running down.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 50 21
But here comes your man
With the big smile you always dreamed of
Plus a safety hug...all just for you.
I may not wear a red and golden cape…
But I'll be your hero all the same.
I'll rescue you from your misery, I'll put an end to all that's evil in your life.
with just one look you'll know I'm the one for you.
you'll be my little damsel, and I'll wield my sword like the big man you deserve.
So cry no more, 'cos here comes your man.
I'm yours, truly yours and only yours.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 6 8
Today too
If for eternity I'll have you next to me
Just for tonight,
I feel I can wait another night.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 8 35
I'm waiting for the day when I'll be brave enough
Ready enough
To say aloud what I've been feeling since the first day I met you.
I'll say I don't want to leave
I'm waiting for the day in which you'll hold me tight and whisper,
very slowly,
you don't need to.
And that day,
            that night,
We'll sleep one next to the other, not parting ways
And I'll go to sleep afraid of the morning,
    when I'll wish for the day you'll ask me
never to leave.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 9 21
'anything but that'.
He said girl, you are amazing! I'd do whatever you want for you.
He said the worlds, they came out of his mouth, he was to take responsibility for them, so I made that face, that girly face that says all I could ever want from you is love.
I made that face that I promised myself so many times that I would never put on. That face that from my point of view separated the strong from the weak, but for him, I dared being weak. So I crossed the line and I showed him the face. And he showed me how weak I had become.
He looked at me, understood the face and said "anything but that".
What could I do? I wanted to cry my heart out. He destroyed me right there with just three mere words, "anything but that".
Now all the happy memories are tarnished, all my dreams and delusions of friendship growing into love are dead. Every smile of him toward my way is a reminder of that tragic moment. Each time his soft lips say my name, all I hear is "everything but that".
And all I can do is wonder, wonder ho
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 12 84
I want it! He said eagearly
B-but – but you can't….you can't have it!
I want it; I wouldn't be able to walk away without it! I would suffer of many sleepless nights just wishing it was mine.
But this is not for sale. It's worthless
Please don't say that! How can you spout such cruel words! Can't you see how special it is?
Special? It's all broken, shattered. It's beyond repair.
Then why don't you give it to me? I would love to spend as many hours as necessary to fix it and more! Only its company once fixed could surpass the happiness of putting each piece together, the thrill of discovering how each piece falls into place!
But you don't understand. It's not that this is priceless, it's just worthless.
So you should have no problem in handing it over…
And yet, I wouldn't be able to give it away. It might sound silly, but worthless as it may be, shattered as it may appear, I would feel empty without it.
It's not silly at all, dear. It's the only logical thing. It's not you
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 18 59
Only one heart
"In this world, you can only find two types of women" it would read,
"those who are capable of being happy by themselves and so they are strong, weak winds will not bring them down"
The other kind is my kind. Maybe you are like me, I hope you are not.
That girl over there that cries to the stars is also like me. She cannot smile by herself, so she cries alone.
I once talked with her; she told me she felt like a prisoner, counting down the days left before seeing sunshine again. She said something I will never forget, she said she will only fall in love once because she knew she was too weak to survive with a broken heart.
She said "I have to wait. I have to be sure that he is the one. I know I will never be able to go back to an empty bed nor to an empty life".
That was the only time I spoke to her. I cannot ever meet her eyes again, face the unbearable pain laying there. And she cannot meet mine either.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 10 11
And so she died...
A door has been shut closed. I'm no longer who I used to be.
I lost my identity as a writer.
As one, I enjoyed the pleasure of being a godlike being.
The power I took from inventing new worlds filled my heart when it was emptiest.
I was once terribly broken inside, seeking the opportunity to escape from what I saw as a damaged reality.
I was no more than shattered pieces of a complex jigsaw with no shape at all.
Yet time pased and with the help of many I grew up.
I've found beauty in life and so I lost the key to so many worlds.
Memories will never be erased, but memories they'll be.
Goodbye, old me.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 16 26
Until then...
You're a fragile soul who's lost. You know not what to do anymore. You want to give in, to give up, because you know how to do that. Because you've fallen many times and now your legs seem too weak to stand your own weight. And god knows how much easier it is to stay broken, sprawled on the floor than to gather the needed strength to stand up. Your eyes have run dry from crying so much, they are red and they also hurt. Your heart hurts.
You look around, searching for me, for me to help you up, as I wish with all my soul I could. But I can't, our meeting point is still further ahead, there are still more miles to be walked before we meet. My heart aches with the sight of a defeated you and a powerless me. No, there's nothing I can do for you but pray.
And so I pray, I pray for you not to give up. To be strong one more day. I trust my love to a star, and wish it'll get to you. If only you could receive the tiniest of my love, enough to stand up just one more day, then, for today, that'd
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 15 17
One Instant
Gime me one second
One instant that you forgot somewhere,
    probably in the fridge next to the eggs.
Give me that one instant to make you fall for me
Let me do magic
magic out of an instant you care squat about.
I know I can do it, I know I can be your destined one.
Just meet my eyes for an instant
and I have faith you'll never want to leave my side again.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 14 14
No matter what
Never forget to love me
Never forget I'll always love you.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 53 33
Waiting for life to come.
I don't know what I'm waiting for…
   But that doesn't stop me from waiting
                                                     and wishing.  
I have faith in destiny.
Maybe I do because that's all I have.
Nevertheless, I truly refuse to give up.
     Giving up is devastatingly scarier than faithfully waiting.
And yet, sometimes believing is so hard…
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 20 7
Six words,
Don't go away.
             I need you.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 19 20
You're my smile
The thing I'm most proud of
   And what I would never take back
          is the first hello I awkwardly presented to you.
Back then, you smiled and
                   I know I will never forget that second,
    when the sunshine highlighted your beauty.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 34 24
An anorexic game.
Let's play a game, she said.
   A game where no one wins and everyone lose.
Let's see who can lose more.
           I challenge you. What do you have to lose?
I looked at myself, at my reflex in the mirror and said
                       Why not? I only have my life to lose.
:iconflorchys103:florchys103 61 43


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