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Submitted on
October 1, 2010
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I helped an elder while you were asking for miracles.

I was someone's happiness when you were praying.

Tell God that next time you talk with Him.
Today was a windy day. When I was exiting my university, I saw this old man (whose bike was on a side of the street) desperatedly picking up some (like 50 o 70) pamphlets which were all spread over the floor. And the wind! So I went and helped him. Then other two people came to help him too. and he was so grateful! he wished me luck with my studies and all. and he explained several times that the papers fell from the basket in his bike because of a rock in the way.

Well, we finished picking everthing, I wished a good day to the man, he too (plus luck in the sutdies) and left. Oh, the pamphlets were about a centre for abandoned pets. So the guy was a good guy! So well, we parted ways. Me felling so good for having helped.

I walked half a block and crossed a church where I saw this woman praying....and I thought, "ha, you were there, secluded and all, and I was out here, living my life and helping a good guy". so well, this's been in my mind for a here is the result....tell your god I said hi :D

EDIT: I'm so very glad so many people liked this one ;D I was a bit afraid as this has some religious stuff....but well, very happy this got popular, so thank you to everyone ;D
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moonfaeryprincess Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
yeah! *cheers* go out and DO instead of sitting and THINKING about it
florchys103 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
THANKS! YEAH! I'M DOING ;D you do too, let's make a better world together!
moonfaeryprincess Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
ok, seriously, you should submit that to Manga Catchphrases Inc
florchys103 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
because it's such an original phrase ;D
brigit-aisle Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
You know, I sometimes think about that too.
I'm neither religios and stuff nor an exactly active person. But when it comes to times people make me think who the hell is the better from us.

Once when our last lesson was cancelled, I couldn't go straight home (shitty bus only comes every 1-1,5 hours D:< ) so I decided to stay at the bookstore.
When I finally decided to make my way to the bus stop I saw an old lady with two dogs and a lot of bags.
She seemed to have a little trouble of coordinating all that stuff in her hands, so I finally took my courage and ask her if she wants help.

The people around... stared.

It turned out that I would walk her and the dogs the whole way down to her home.
I wished her good luck for the future and she even gave me some money (that in the end I couldn't help but take, oh I'm still such a bad person. but it's not like I didn't try to fight ot D: )
and , because I got totally lost, asked her the way to my bus stop.
And you know what? It was almost just down the street.
I feel good when I help people. I don't know if this might also be a little egoistic, but honestly I don't exactly care either.
I think what matters in the end is that this lady got home safely.
And I worked for that.
And I didn't even need to believe in jesus for that.
So tell me now, am I a good or a bad person?
florchys103 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
Well, I believe in not making comparisons....but sometimes it /is/ imposible not to notice the difference in worthiness XD

haha, what a devil! you took the money! haha, nah, I think that was only fair! hey, the banks dont accept god's cheques XD

and you know what? the world need more of your kind of egoistic-ness!(sory, not native speaker and this is the first time I read that worl, I know selfish, and I dont wont to look it be it egoistic-ness :D)

You're good at being bad! haha, nah, you're the same as me..I help when it's needed. I dont go through life intending to help, but if someone is needing it, yeah...let me lend you a hand XD it's just a few minutes of my life!
brigit-aisle Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
Oh my, we folks are so good :D
really, nice people just make me happy :)
oh and I'm also not a native speaker, just english lessons and dozens of hour of animes (for nerds ;P) xD
florchys103 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
yees! god bless anime and manga XD haha, the best are the english-dub anime XD

oh, today I helped two birds which were trying to eat the left-overs of a cookie inside it's packet. I went and emptied the packet in the side of the street and so the little birdies were able to eat it XD I'm such a good girl XD
brigit-aisle Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010
shit dude you realloy are D:
somehow I feel like I should do somthing nice now too *looks out for people who need halp*
today I bought a birthday present for my sister, does that count :B ?

You know there should be something like points for stuff like this.
A motivation for doing nice things.
Like I give you a cookie will you give me a point?????
...but maybe a good doing just loses it's meaning through that ^^'
though at the other hand if somebody who normally wouldn't move a finger is then willing to be helpful it also would be kind of a success
florchys103 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010
Whoa, thanks! ;D

haha, I dont know. Let me think, it counts if you arent expecting an even better gift for your birthday?

Hey, I think that the reward is me feeling good with mysel (yeah, as if). Honestly, it's like an insurance, just in case there's really a "hey pal, I didnt go to church, but look at all I did! I even helped too small birdies!"
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